COOL DH Innovation Webinar, 12th December 11.00 – 12.00

12 Dec 2018 06:00154

On this first webinar we will be sharing some of the findings from the first year of COOL DH and the innovation part of the project.

11.00: Introduction to COOL DH by project manager Reto Hummelshøj.

11.05: What are the solutions for avoiding risk of Legionella?
Presentation by Lund University, Kerstin Sernhed.

11.15: How to optimise cascade couplings for best use of low temperature sources
Presentation by: Martin Gierow, Kraftringen

11.25: Possible LTDH-system solutions for multifamily houses and tertiary buildings
Presentation by: Kraftringen, Arnela Kursumovic

11.35: LTDH connected appliances – eliminating electricity topping of temperature
Presentation by: Kraftringen, Sara Kralmark

11.45: New design concepts for optimisation of LTDH distribution systems.
Presentation by: COWI A/S, Emanuel Zilio

11.50: Closing words by Reto Hummelshøj.

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